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Hospitality tents
Khan Merhav-Am
On The Khan is located on the outskirts of the village Merhav-Am overlooking the vast expanse of Ramat HaNegev. It has a lot to offer for a pleasant stay that includes workshops and special events as well as tours of the area; suitable for groups and families with children.
On the shadow of the ancient old acacia tree which seems like growing through the desert heart, lays our Desert hospitality house made of Mud, palms trees and recycled matters decorated and desert carpets.
Desert's Bounty Farm 
Our family sized guest houses are designed with a desert theme, radiating warmth, love and serenity.
The air-conditioned units are located at a distance from the restaurant and the family home;
facing the virgin desert landscape they insure privacy and quiet .
Mati and Roni's Guestent and Hostel
Guest house/ Guest tent/ Guest home, or in other words – Mati and Roni’s house in the desert city,
Mizpe Ramon. The house is located in the center of Mizpe Ramon, near the road to Eilat, on the cliff, up the crater and in front of a genesis view. The tent invites travelers from all over the world to enjoy a special desert home hospitality in the cold negev nights.
In the tent you can find mattresses, clean sheets, warm blanket and pillows for the price of 80 NIS
(the cheapest price in the erea).

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