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Have you ever wanted to feel & experience the desert?
Travel at night?
Hear the sound and smell the air?
Dine in the desert?


"Lanegev Desert Tourism" offers you costume made desert tour

Nature, archeology & extremes sports combined with the best accommodations:
luxurious zimmers, wooden cabins, huts, and tipi or Bedouin tents.
Day and night tours, fancy meals served
outdoors in front of the sunset
And much more.

Perfect for couples and groups.
Choose from verity options: attractions, natures, safari trucks, 4X4 tour, self desert car (dune buggies) driving, riding Horses and Camels or walking tours.
Enjoy the Spa. Ryki, hilling and more
Join the snappling groups, parachute, mountain climbing, Shoot verity of guns, Bow and arrow
Or just ride a mountain bike
You name it

Try us out
You'll never regret it, And remember for life……

Dear friends -
Advertisers from Israel, visitors, guests

This letter here below shows how appears in the eyes of the professional
Also proves how the experience could work for you both ways Israel's tour operators and tourists.
Best of luck and enjoy everybody:

In Ora’s Yard
Dear Ruven (or should that be Reuven?),

We are currently promoting Israel by letting people know that there is more to do in Israel than just visit historical sites.  We use the term “Israel’s Hidden Gems” to describe all the unique and interesting things to see and do all over the country.
I’m currently looking for examples of this, and came across your details on this website:
Your orchard is exactly the type of place that fits our “Hidden Gems” concept – I love your story and what you do looks amazing! 
I just wanted to pass on my best wishes and let you know how beautiful I think your place is. 
If I ever get to come to Israel on my own, I hope to book a visit.

Michelle R., United Kingdom

Lilly & shmuel atzmon
"Ianegev" invites you:

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